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Executive Education: Principles of Supply Chain Management | Business

Mar 2, 2017
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Sarah Andrews

Join Executive Education at Lehigh University for "Principles of Supply Chain Management" on March 2, 2017.  A 50% discount is available to Lehigh employees. Click here to learn more

Why Are Some Supply Chains More Competitive Than Others? Supply chain is not another business function. Rather, it is a business philosophy that views a business as a system whose individual components must be synchronized to achieve its stated business objectives. Just as there are physical laws that govern how nature works, there are laws that govern how integrated supply chain systems must be designed and operate to achieve performance excellence. Despite this, organizations often attempt to violate these laws through inconsistencies in customer service objectives, corporate strategy, and operational capabilities. For these reasons, many firms have failed to realize the anticipated benefits and the return on investment of supply chain improvement projects.

Through our Supply Chain Certificate Program, we will prepare you for the task of leading supply chain transformation. You will gain a deep understanding of the complex and competing nature of supply chain systems and identify your business’ most salient problems. Together, we will explore the interconnected nature of supply chain operations and prescribe specific courses of action that your organization can take to improve its operational and financial performance. We will draw from work performed and best practices from discrete parts manufacturers, process manufacturers, and distribution logistics providers.