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Arghavan Safavi-Naini, JILA, NIST, CU-Boulder | Physics

Feb 15, 2018
4:10 PM - 5:30 PM

Lewis Lab - 316
16 Memorial Walk East
Bethlehem PA 18015

Marina Long

The Physics Department will be hosting Dr. Safavi- Naini, postdoctoral researcher, for his talk: “There and back again with trapped-ions” on Thursday, February 15th in LL 316 at 4:10 pm. Refreshments will be available at 3:45. 

One of the most important goals of modern quantum sciences is to learn how to control and entangle many-body systems and use them to make powerful and improved quantum devices, materials and technologies. The challenge lies in the complexity of quantum many-body systems and the emergence of entanglement and quantum correlations. In this talk I will introduce a quantum simulator, composed of a 2D crystal of ~100 trapped-ions in a Penning trap which can overcome this challenge by “simulating” the behavior of paradigmatic spin and spin-boson models. Moreover, this simulator gives us the power to travel backwards in time and measure a family of out-of-time-order correlators (OTOCs). These correlators provide a measure for the butterfly effect in quantum systems and allow us to directly probe the dynamics of correlations, coherences, and the scrambling of quantum information. These measurement not only impact quantum information processing and quantum enhanced metrology, but may open a path for future tests of the holographic duality between quantum and gravitational systems.

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