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Politics of Desecularization:Law and the Minority Question in Pakistan | Global Islamic Studies

Feb 19, 2018
4:15 PM - 5:30 PM

Williams Hall - Herbert A. Roemmele Global Commons
31 Williams Drive
Bethlehem PA 18015

Jenny Chao Office of Interdisciplinary Programs

Center for Global Islamic Studies presents
Politics of Desecularization: Law and the Minority Question in Pakistan
Sadia Saeed, University of San Francisco 

The movement away from secularist practices and toward political Islam is a prominent trend across Muslim polities. Yet this shift remains under-theorized. Why do modern Muslim polities adopt policies that cater to religious sensibilities? How are these encoded in law and with what effects? Sadia Saeed addresses these questions through examining shifts in Pakistan's official state policies toward the rights of religious minorities, in particular the controversial Ahmadiyya community. Looking closely at the 'Ahmadi question', Saeed develops a framework for understanding modern desecularization processes that emphasizes the critical role of nation-state formation, political majoritarianism, and struggles between 'secularist' and 'religious' ideologues in evolving political and legal fields.

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