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Senior Presentations Thesis Proposals | Interdisciplinary Programs

Dec 11, 2017
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Maginnes Hall - 101
9 West Packer Avenue
Bethlehem PA 18015

Erica Balco Office of Interdisciplinary Programs

Sophie Davis, "Robots and Autism: How Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Perceive Social Robots"  
Adviser: Professor Brandone

Alyson Givre
"Artificial Intelligence and Emotion in Texas Hold'em"
Adviser: Professor Munoz-Avila

Veronica McKinny
"Polysemy in Spatially Ambiguous Prepositions"
Advisers: Professor Lee and Professor O'Seaghdha

Jessy Qin
"A Cognitive Approach to Forgetting in Case-Based Reasoning"
Advisers: Professor Hupbach and Professor Munoz-Avila

Megan Reilly
"Altering Message Frame and Time Orientation to Promote Change in Health Behavior"
Adviser: Professor Malt

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