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Statistics Workshop: ​Moderator Mediator Analysis in Regression | Education

Mar 22, 2017
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

On-Campus - Iacocca Hall

Qiong (Joan) Fu

Moderator Mediator Analysis in Regression Using SPSS/PROCESS
Room A-122, Iaccoca Hall, Mountaintop Campus
Instructor: Qiong (Joan) Fu ( Priority is given to COEd faculty/staff/students 

1. Fundamentals of moderator and mediator analysis in regression
2. Transition from Baron and Kenny (1986) to Hayes (2013).
3. Regression with categorical independent variables or moderators.
4. Mediation analysis with categorical independent variables.
5. Regression with multiple mediators (parallel and serial).
**Sign up via e-mail ( Physical seats are limited to 12, first-come, first-served. Your attendance will be confirmed prior to the session.

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